Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Challenge Update Day 4

This week has been amazing! I have been able to walk everyday at lunch!! Monday & Tuesday I walked 1.2 miles and Today I walked 1.8!! (Now that is in work shoes not tennis shoes!) Yes this journey to lose 100 pounds in 12 weeks has to be done one step at a time.

I have been asked many times what is my diet, what am I eating to cause the weight to come off.
First I need everyone to know that my diet (the foods I can eat) has to be GLUTEN FREE!! I have Celiacs Disease so I cannot eat Wheat, Oats, Rye, or Barley. This is not because of Niutriiveda it is because I have the Gluten Allergy!! (Oh yes, I still love eating Rice and Potatoes) Second, It has been 110 degree here in Phoenix. So the thought of eating a lot of heavy and hot foods doesn't sound good to anyone here right now.
A few things about me to know, I am a PICKY eater, I also hate to eat! (It is part of the reason I am Obese. Because I don't eat my body goes into survival mode and hold

So Here is what I am eating and what I am doing to achieve my weight goal.
For Breakfast on the way to work I have a Nutriiveda Shake (Mixed Berry!! SO Yummy!) That is 1/2 cup of mixed berries, 8 oz of water, and 2 scoops of Vanilla Nutriiveda. I blend it in the blender and take it on the road. (as we all know, I normally wouldn't eat breakfast before, but when I did I loved a protein shake. The problem is that the protein I was using had Gluten in it. Yep I would be sick by lunch. I don't have that problem with Nutriiveda it is Gluten FREE!!)
The am snack is - I have been eating a "sandwich" 3-5 oz of Deli Meat with Green Leaf Lettuce. So good. (Thank You Boar's Head for being Gluten Free, But please bring down your price!!)
For lunch after my walk I have a Nutriiveda Shake (this is a new mix, It taste great LOOKS awful.) It is 3 oz of Zrii, 12 oz of water, and 2 scoops of Vanilla Nutriiveda. I shake it in the water bottle. I like it a little thin after the walk, because I am so hot. I have found that I feel amazing and ready to go back to work in about 15 minutes.
The pm snack is - 3 celery stalks and a 1/2 cucumber. Mainly because I want something to keep me cool.
For Dinner- I have been eating Pork Ribs every night. I love them. I eat about 3. Yummy.

I was asked how much water do I drink a day? The answer is not enough!! I should drink about 141 oz of water a day. (yep half your body weight, it is suppose to be more if you live in a warm climate or are trying to lose weight) That is over 17 cups of water. It is a good thing I like to drink 20 oz water bottles, only 7 of them a day!

I am so blessed to have great friends who will talk to me while I walk, send me a text message to encourage me, and if it wasn't for all my Facebook friends who ask me how I am doing with the weight loss, I might have given up.


I believe that I have been blessed with the ability to transform my life both physically, mentally, and financially with Nutriiveda.

For more information or if you are ready to start your own transformation Check out this sites

The great life is out there for me and everyone else!! Thanks to Zrii and Nutriiveda.

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