Monday, June 14, 2010

8 Down 92 More to go!! Week 1

I saw this picture and it is exactly how I feel. That while taking Nutriiveda I haven't felt deprived from the foods I like. I have had more energy and felt awesome all week long. In fact, even when I started taking Nutriiveda in Febuary. I felt like I had more energy right away.

I had been hoping that I would have posted this sooner. Part of the Nutriiveda Challenge is that you need to weigh-in weekly and send your results to the Challenge. (I have the emailing part down, so I figured updating the blog would be easy. I will do better next week)

So for the first week the results are::
Weight-- 274.4 pounds (8 pounds! Not as good as my first week during the first challenge. I lost 10.8 pounds in Feb.)
Waist -- 47.5 inches (1.5 inches lost in 1 week!)
Hips -- 59.5 inches (0.5 inches lost)

I feel really blessed because of the weight that I have lost so far. I am hoping for double digits. I know that by being consistant and doing thre program I will reach my goal.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Challenge Update Day 4

This week has been amazing! I have been able to walk everyday at lunch!! Monday & Tuesday I walked 1.2 miles and Today I walked 1.8!! (Now that is in work shoes not tennis shoes!) Yes this journey to lose 100 pounds in 12 weeks has to be done one step at a time.

I have been asked many times what is my diet, what am I eating to cause the weight to come off.
First I need everyone to know that my diet (the foods I can eat) has to be GLUTEN FREE!! I have Celiacs Disease so I cannot eat Wheat, Oats, Rye, or Barley. This is not because of Niutriiveda it is because I have the Gluten Allergy!! (Oh yes, I still love eating Rice and Potatoes) Second, It has been 110 degree here in Phoenix. So the thought of eating a lot of heavy and hot foods doesn't sound good to anyone here right now.
A few things about me to know, I am a PICKY eater, I also hate to eat! (It is part of the reason I am Obese. Because I don't eat my body goes into survival mode and hold

So Here is what I am eating and what I am doing to achieve my weight goal.
For Breakfast on the way to work I have a Nutriiveda Shake (Mixed Berry!! SO Yummy!) That is 1/2 cup of mixed berries, 8 oz of water, and 2 scoops of Vanilla Nutriiveda. I blend it in the blender and take it on the road. (as we all know, I normally wouldn't eat breakfast before, but when I did I loved a protein shake. The problem is that the protein I was using had Gluten in it. Yep I would be sick by lunch. I don't have that problem with Nutriiveda it is Gluten FREE!!)
The am snack is - I have been eating a "sandwich" 3-5 oz of Deli Meat with Green Leaf Lettuce. So good. (Thank You Boar's Head for being Gluten Free, But please bring down your price!!)
For lunch after my walk I have a Nutriiveda Shake (this is a new mix, It taste great LOOKS awful.) It is 3 oz of Zrii, 12 oz of water, and 2 scoops of Vanilla Nutriiveda. I shake it in the water bottle. I like it a little thin after the walk, because I am so hot. I have found that I feel amazing and ready to go back to work in about 15 minutes.
The pm snack is - 3 celery stalks and a 1/2 cucumber. Mainly because I want something to keep me cool.
For Dinner- I have been eating Pork Ribs every night. I love them. I eat about 3. Yummy.

I was asked how much water do I drink a day? The answer is not enough!! I should drink about 141 oz of water a day. (yep half your body weight, it is suppose to be more if you live in a warm climate or are trying to lose weight) That is over 17 cups of water. It is a good thing I like to drink 20 oz water bottles, only 7 of them a day!

I am so blessed to have great friends who will talk to me while I walk, send me a text message to encourage me, and if it wasn't for all my Facebook friends who ask me how I am doing with the weight loss, I might have given up.


I believe that I have been blessed with the ability to transform my life both physically, mentally, and financially with Nutriiveda.

For more information or if you are ready to start your own transformation Check out this sites

The great life is out there for me and everyone else!! Thanks to Zrii and Nutriiveda.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The New Challenge Has Started

The pictures aren't pleasant but being Morbidly Obese isn't a pleasant thing. But it can be corrected with out surgery!

So here is the pictures and measurement as of June 5, 2010. The first day of my 2nd Nutriiveda Challenge!! (To be Captain Obvious: One is a front view the other is a side view)

I weighed in at 282.4 pounds
The measurements are:
Hips = 60 inches
Waist = 49 inches
Biceps = Left 18.5 inches Right 19.75
Forearm = Left 11 inches Right 11 inches
Leg/Thigh = Left 28.5 inches Right 28.5 inches
Leg/Calf = Left 24 inches Right 22.75 inches

After spending 12 weeks from Feb. 1, 2010 to April 25, 2010 doing my 1st Nutriiveda Challenge, I realized this transformation is a WHOLE body transformation. (Not to mentions the financial transformation that is offered on the business side. Good thing I wanted to throw money away while I was losing weight the first time.) But the idea of becoming healthy for the first time in my life is priceless. The first time I did the challenge I lost 54 pounds and about 10 inches. I was short of my goal, I wanted to lose 100 pounds and lose 25 inches. This time I am more determined than before to reach my goal. This will allow me to have the freedom to do more activities with my kids. It will give me the freedom to continue to sharpen my mind, and let me have a purer spirit and feel the love of my Heavenly Father that I had limited because I didn’t allow him to help me transform everything in my life.

I am so grateful for the weight that I have already lost and the ability that I now have to do things with my kids that I wasn’t able to do before.

After this challenge is complete I will be 100 pounds lighter than I am today, I will have lost 25 inches off my midsection (between my hips and waist). I will be able to compete in a half marathon.(Eliisa & Lisa, Will you run with me?) I will experience a life of happiness, harmony, and wealth because of the gift of Nutriiveda and Zrii. Finally thru this transformation I will find a greater peace, a greater love for myself, a greater love for my family, a greater love for my friend, a greater love for the people I come in contact with because of this blessing in my life and a greater sense of kindness in my life. I will be able to take my kids to Sea World and ride all the rides in October. I will be able to take my kids hiking. I will be able to take my kids to Salt Lake City and hike Ensign Peak, (a dream my son has had since he saw a picture of it on TV. I wasn’t physically able to do that August 2009 when we visited) I will be able to learn how to Scuba Dive and become certified.(Sonja, plan a dive trip) I will be able to go water-skiing because of the amount of weight loss I will achieve. (Shelley, plan a trip to Lake Mead)

This journey is changing me from the inside out and I can only get thinner, healthier, and wealthier.

Please join me in this journey.....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Water Slide

Life can be amazing and interesting at the same time. On Wednesday June 2, 2010, I went to a church (ward) activity. We all went to West Chandler Pool. They have a promotion on Wednesday’s families get into the pool for $1!! (Saving some $$$) I love swimming and being around water. Mainly pools and lakes, I’m not to keen about the Pacific Ocean in California. So for me being in a bathing suit isn’t anything that I fear. (That is obvious, seeing that I have those pictures on the blog when I weighed 343 pounds.) Before when I would normally go to the pool I would sit and watch my kids jump off of the diving board or play on the water toys. I would never play with them on the slides, mainly because of my size. I was embarrassed for my kids that I was fat, and I was ashamed about how I looked and felt because of my out of control eating habits. Plus, I didn’t want to get stuck on the slide (the Horror), but even walking up the stairs to the top of the slide would just make me out of breath. It was just easier to soak up the rays. (Yes, I love to be tan at all times!) But when my kids asked me about going down the slide with them. I had to think about it. I had never done that before with any of my 3 kids. I even asked my friend if I should do it (thanks Jen!) I went with my daughter who is 5 and started walking up the stairs to the top of the water slide. I was almost to the top when I see my 7-year-old son running up the stairs, to be with us. It was the first time in 18 years that I had gone on a water slide. It was fun to do that experience with my kids. But when my son looked at me and said “This is the first time that you have ever done this with me.” At that moment I realized that this weight loss journey has affected my kids in a positive way. That one-minute ride was AWESOME! And yes Connor you were right, the water is really cold.
As I got to the bottom of the pool, it was nice to have Roger and Joan try to take a picture of me so that I would have it for the scrapbook. (Too bad I came down a little too fast) I reminded me that I have many people who have cheered me on from the beginning of this journey to transform my body, my mind, and my spirit. I feel truly blessed to have so many people who care about my happiness and success. Anyone can lose weight, but to now see life as an opportunity to give, to enrich, to care, and to strengthen each other is priceless. I feel so blessed that someone cared enough about me to show me the path to this wonderful life, and then was willing to walk on the path with me to guide me. I don’t believe that I am perfect or I am some angel of a person. I still make mistakes, both big and small. But I now can recognize the blessings in my life.
As I walked back to where I was sitting and where my warm towel was, (did I mention the water was cold?) I saw my friends who care about me; no matter what size I am, watching their kids. I came to the understanding that I am the Riches person on the face of the Earth.