Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Mulligan the Collarbone and CdS Football Kick-off

I know that the blog hasn’t been updated as often as I have liked but that is about to change. Part of my recommitment to the Nutriiveda Challenge
Things in my life have been crazy. My divorce trail is over and I am waiting on the final decree to be signed to be officially divorced. After 18 years of marriage I never would have believed it would end in divorce. But as I was once told by a very WISE MAN, Everyone deserves to be happy. Ben was baptized and it was amazing. The kids also are back at school. Ben and Bert both started football.

I have also started the Nutriiveda Success Group; it is a group that meets every other week to talk about their success with weight loss and to share great ideas. I loved the ideas shared. I really like that we are able to make commitments to each other to help us stay on track with the weight loss.

That brings me to the Mulligan. In golf, when you want a do over you ask for a mulligan. I asked for one with the Nutriiveda Challenge. I restarted on July 23, 2010.
My new starting weight was 280 pounds, my new waist measurement was 49.75 inches, and my new hip measurement was 60 inches.
I needed the new start and it has been great. I was able to recommit myself to the principles that had helped me lose some weight earlier this year. I had felt bad because my goal of losing over 100 pounds before the divorce didn’t happen. I had also hoped to lose 100 pounds before Kasey’s Mission Farewell, which also didn’t happen. I was starting to feel like I wasn’t making any progress. Boy was I wrong!!

That brings me to THE COLLORBONE!
For over 30 years I have been over weight, morbidly overweight for 18 years (yep I ate to find happiness and comfort) so whenever I look in the mirror I have seen nothing but fat. I was starting to notice that ALL of my shirts were falling off of me. I looked like a little kid with their dad’s shirt on. I started to notice that I had this weird looking hard thing on the sides of my neck. So during a weigh in I showed Eliisa (yes only a true friend would look at what you think is strange on your body) I told her isn’t this weird, She said “No, that is your collar bone.” I knew thru biology class that I had a collarbone but I had never felt it. Then when I could feel a shoulder joint as well. I realized that I had been losing weight. I can’t explain the joy that has come from feeling my collarbone. (Yes, I have asked many people to touch it because I am so happy I can see it.)

But nothing so far has replaced what happened at the Corona del Sol Football Kick-off Potluck. I have gone with Bert for the past 3 years. This was the 4th time. In years past because of my size I would find a table in the back corner and even have my kids or soon-to-be-ex get me a plate of food. I didn’t want to embarrass my son, but also I didn’t want people to see how really big I was. It was easier to not participate then to try. It was even harder seeing that this is the same High School that I attended and feels that it was an amazing place to be a part of for four years. I would do the same thing during the wrestling potlucks as well.
We this night was different, I was able to get there earlier and had a desire to help any way that I could. I had energy to help, even though I had been at work all day long. I walked in and a lot of the Mom’s noticed that I had lost some weight. I signed up for the email list to help and even looked at the shirts they were selling. I had already made up my mind that I would be getting a 2XL shirt for Ben’s football team. (For me that was success seeing that on Feb. 1st I was in a size 5XL) So I asked the mom behind the table for a 2XL, she passed it to me. I put it up to me to see if I needed a size bigger. She said, “Honey, that shirt is too big on you, you need a XL” I couldn’t believe my ears. But I knew she was right and I bought it. You would never know that $10 shirt is worth about a million dollars to me. I then helped the other mothers stock the tables for the potluck. It is a lot of running back and forth, but I had the energy and I wasn’t embarrassed about my size. I was THRILLED to help my son’s team, any small way that I could. I then made a choice to put on a Corona del Sol Shirt. It was the first time in 23 years that I was able to show my AZTEC PRIDE!! I was worried that the shirt would be tight. It wasn’t in fact the arms are kinda baggy.

This has been a journey to coming back to the person that I was before, NO Fear, Trying to be kind, loving, helpful, and in control. I am no way perfect but during this transformation I have used the help of the one and only perfect one, Jesus Christ.

I have found strength that even on bad days I can see the miracles. I am so blessed, loved, and grateful. I love Nutriiveda and Know that this weight wouldn’t come off so fast without a product that eats fat naturally. A group of people who are positive and see the miracle and opportunity of the business side of the product.

So it come down to this in 3 weeks of the new challenge I have lost 21 pounds and 7 inches total. I weigh less than Bert for the first time in his whole life. That moment when I weighed in and heard that I was under 260 (Bert is 261) I was excited. I didn’t cry about the fact that I was so happy of that fact, until the next day. As of August 14, 2010, weight 259.0 pounds, waist 45.5 inches, and hips 57 inches. ( If I could only get the fat off of my butt and hips faster!! )

I still will hit my goal of losing 100 pounds before convention. My first goal is to Beat Eric Johnson’s one-month record of 32 pounds in 4 weeks. I will take effort and determination. The worst that happens is I lose more weight.