Friday, March 25, 2011

Personal Tsunamis and the Recovery

As those who are close to me know that the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that followed affected me in a very profound way. First to know a sister’s pain for not knowing where her brother was in Sendai was humbling. It made me so grateful for my blessings and the safety I have in my home in Chandler. Then to know the joy that was felt when they were informed he was safe helped me to remember that there are miracles everyday.

Then the thought that changed my mind hit! It changed my motto for everything that I do. When the people of Japan woke up that morning they didn’t love their family, friends, and countryman as much as they did 30 minutes after the Earthquake. They didn’t desire to do good in a profound way, like they do now. It isn’t just the people of Japan who changed, this change happened here after September 11, 2001, after Hurricane Katrina, and after the Tsunami in Thailand. It seems that it takes a HUGE tragedy for us to be motivated to do better. We shouldn’t have to wait for something bad to happen to want to live our dream life. We can’t be held back by our own laziness, fear, or skill level. Inside each one of is something amazing that needs to be achieved. For me it getting Thinner and as I have started to fail at this endeavor I am coming to realize that it is time to turn around and plow through the fear, the laziness, and old habits to become the person I want. It is easier said than done. I had hoped on this journey that there would be people to help, motivate, hold me accountable, or have the same desire. I forgot to see that there are many on the sidelines cheering me on and setting a great example of living a healthy life.

Then the second and more profound thought came to me about my family, and the past few years, both the good and bad. Just like the earthquake hit first in Japan. So did the problems in my 18 year marriage. There were “little tremors” that we experienced but we didn’t “shore up the house” for the big one. When the “big one” hit the first thing BOTH of us did was to make sure the kids were alright. But then without warning in my life the “tsunami” hit and everything was destroyed. And again the 1st priority is to make sure the kids are safe. But it is now time to rebuild. A new and better life for my kids. It will be different and not look the same. But it will be safe and we will all learn from the experience. For the good or the bad, this is part of my journey of change. It might have started in April of 2007, but it has made me wiser and stronger.

But just like the picture, some houses were completely destroyed, others have major damage, and others are ok. The same is true in our lives. We face challenges, some of them completely knock us to the core, others leave us shaken but able to go on, and sometimes it is us who needs to help those who are suffering.

So part of my change included getting a new car. A small car, no more the family car, just one that is functional. Buying a car for cash, no debt. It made me feel good and blessed.

I am grateful for those who are my cheerleaders, because you seem to shout louder when I am not listening. Thank you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome 2011

Well to say that I have needed to update the blog would be an understatement! Heck, I wish I could say this is me in the picture! As with any good intentioned behaviors this blog writing and dieting hit a HUGE WALL. I could call it the Holidays, My Birthday, Valentine's Day, or whatever. The truth is that I have started to make some bad food choices that lead me to the 343 pound woman I once was. I believe writing the Awful Number makes me realize that it is so easy to lose focus on what we really want in life.

There has been some great improvements in the past year, and I need to remember that. The big news was that I took 20 minutes off of my time for Susan's Young Adult Cancer run! I did it in 52 minutes and 58 seconds. I was so happy. I wanted a better time, but I didn't put in the effort that I should have,i.e Training better.

Here is the Offical Race times.

Eliisa's time is there as well, and YEP! She Kicked my butt again. Way to Go Eliisa!! You are an amazing example for me to follow. Now if I could just run faster than you.

So I have listed before ways to lose weight before on the blog, Here are some ways to gain weight faster and feel bad about yourself. (So if I don't do these things, I will be back on track)

1. Don't Exercise-Use that extra time to watch TV, Facebook, or surf the web/

2. Eat out at least 3 times a week. (If you can make sure that one meal is 1500-2000 calories you will pack it on FAST! My personal Favorite-Zinburger with Hand cut Fries, with a side order of MoJo Frozen Yogurt) It is great to feel like crap afterwards.

3. Stop eating a High Protein Breakfast. Instead fill up on Begals and cream cheese, or My personal Favorite English Muffins with Peanut Butter (Yes they are Gluten Free, But still)

4. Stop snacking on Veggies or Fruit-Chips and Yogurt are better tasting.

5. Eat late at night right before you fall asleep! The best choice of foods here are Pizza and Nachos. Before it included Hot Dogs. I just haven't found any I like.

6. Don't build yourself up spiritually every morning. There is no need to stop sleeping those extra 7 minutes when you could be doing Yoga, Praying, feeling closer to God. Maybe even finding that inner peace that is so missing in everyones life.

7. Stop drinking water all the time-Hot Chocolate is much Better than plain water. Don't forget to add the extra creamer to it. You can't miss out on those extra calories.

8. Stop Drinking the Nutriiveda Shakes 2 times a day- That way your product goes farther and you body will feel like crap because it is missing the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

9. Don't sleep- You need to stay up so that you can eat foods that are High in Fat, High in Salt, High in Sugar, and High in Calories. There are so many good TV programs on HULU.

10. Stop Journaling- You don't want any proof of what you are eating, what you are thinking, and plus that takes away from the TV time that you need to gain the weight.

SO this list might be funny, sad, disgusting, or any other words you can think of, but it was the formula that I have been using. It has helped me to gain 40 pounds back that I lost. Yep makes you feel like crap.

There are too many people like myself who forget the simple steps to losing weight.
B.O.B- Believe, Obey, Become

If I Believe in the Nutriiveda Transformation (which I do) then I will make sure that I am taking the 30 minutes to exercise. That I am eating for my dosha to put me in balance. That I believe that I can lose the 2nd 100 pounds and weigh 143 by September 2, 2011. It starts with the mind set of I can do anything.

If I OBEY the plan then I will not feel the need to "cheat". There are so many times in life when we want the short cut. But if we follow the instructions exactly then we find success. I found it interesting that during Susan's Run how many people were "cutting the corners" of the course. They weren't hurting anyone but themselves. No matter what you do, you have to Obey, to get the reward that you really want.

Then I will Become. I will become the physical beauty that I desire to be. I will then become healthier for my kids. I then will become a Positive force for good in the world. Then I become the athlete that I miss so much. Then I become the friend I need to be. Then I become what God wants me to Become.

Seeing that I know what to do. I have put it up for the world to see. I now need to put it in ACTION!! Maybe a Shake for breakfast would be a good way to start!