Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Independence Day

My Independence DAY

I was struck this 4th of July about how I now have more freedoms because of the weight I have lost. As a family tradition my parents every year go to Rustler’s Roost for dinner on the 4th of July. This allows us to see the Fireworks all over the Valley of the Sun with out having to deal with the Heat. In years past I would park the car at the bottom of the hill and wait 10-15 minutes for a shuttle to drive me up the hill. This year I was able to walk up the hill without even getting winded. It was a real eye opener to see how a little thing like walking could make me feel so proud. I really felt a sense of pride that I have been able to shed some pounds. (Not as many as I have wanted but more than many people have thought possible.)

I haven’t had the kind of success that I had the first time that I participated in the challenge. There are a few things that I realized that I was doing wrong, this time. I haven’t been exercising the 20-30 minutes (I know so lazy! Who would have thought moving and going to job interviews would be messing up my workouts). I am a person who needs a goal to work on. So because of that realization I am now training for the Susan G. Koman Race for the cure on 10-10-10. (I know I normally don’t run races on Sunday. I will figure a way to participate and keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Yes, I am looking for suggestions) the second thing that I realized which is KEY to the Nutriiveda Transformation is the journaling. I haven’t been keeping track of what I eat, how I feel, or how I see my life. I know that I can and will do better. The 3rd part of the challenge where I have been lacking is an accountability partner. It is vital to have someone who you will talk to about your progress in this journey. The attitude of I can do it all by myself doesn’t seem to work. (Yep, it is in the Nutriiveda Program Guide. Page 20)

So I now have an Elephant to swallow. My goal when the challenge began was to loose 100 pounds. That would have been 8 a week. I have the same goal of 100 pounds but I need to now lose 11 pounds a week. I know this can be done with a greater effort on my part. I need to exercise more, I need to journal, and I need to keep a positive attitude. I didn’t gain all this weight at once (Well I did it in a year) so I know that I can’t loose it all in a month either. It is time for me to continue to set the example for my kids on what a healthy family looks like.

The changes in my life have brought me happiness, not just weight loss. I have a job in my career field again. I have a new place to live with my kids. I have started to share this wonderful program with others who understand the feelings I have about losing weight and what it feels like to be overweight. (for me morbidly obese, I need to lose about 50 more pounds just to be obese)

I would challenge anyone who things they cant lose weight or change their life to take the first step and try Nutriiveda. It has a money back guarantee, which is how confident the company is with this product and the program.
I know it has changed my life.

I know that I couldn't have this opportunity to change my life without living in this great country. I want to thank all the men and woman who put their lives on the line daily so that I can change my life. I know that they leave family, friends, and careers so that I can chase after my dreams, my goals, and my passions. I am so grateful for your sacrifice.

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