Monday, July 12, 2010

The Skinner Black Jeans

On Friday, July 9th I participated in a jeans day at work. It was my first one with the new job. I was excited to dress down. I realized that all of my Blue Jeans don’t fit. (Yippie) But bad news so I looked in the closet and found a pair of BLACK Jean that I haven’t been able to wear since the summer of 2004. (They were tight back then. I mean lay down on the bed and button them tight. ) So when I put them on and they were loose I was so excited. It sometimes is about feeling good about you. This made me so happy. I was on cloud 9!!

Well this week I weighed in and the numbers are not good but they are going back in the right direction.

Weight 269.4 (Yes!! I am out of the 270’s)
Waist 47 inches
Hips 58.5 inches

That is 13 pounds in 5 weeks. Not to bad, but I want more (yep! That is the PITTA in me!!)

One thing that I did figure out is that I need to sleep more! My journaling is getting better and I am trying to eat more. ( I still cannot eat 1400-1600 calories a day!! Gluten Free sometimes Stinks!)

I have always been fat, my whole life. (Well since 1st grade) I lost a lot of weight and started to feel and look good my junior year in high school at Corona del Sol (Once an AZTEC, Always an AZTEC!! Yeah! Aztec cross country!) But I gained it back and I lost even more weight right after I got married. That is a benefit of no kids and riding a bike all over the East Valley in the summer. But it never stayed off; I know this time is different because I have changed how I live.

I learned that people are motivated by pain and pleasure. I realized that I fear showing my kids an unhealthy lifestyle. That is why I had just a speck of desire to change my life back in January, when I ran the dash and splash. Then through loving and supportive friends learning how to take ownership for my life and actions has been empowering. That is why I love seeing people join me on this Transformation. Not just of my body, but my mind and spirit.

I am blessed with great kids, wonderful friends, amazing leaders, and incredible examples of love, service, and compassion. So with that I must practice what I taught my Primary (Sunday School class for children) Class yesterday Luke 17:11-19. I have been like the other 9 lepers and didn’t thank the Savior for healing them physically. (I have walked around never showing my gratitude for those in my life) But I am now more like the one that came back and fell to the Saviors feet and expressed his thanks for the healing. I cannot express into words how blessed I feel and how whole I feel because of the Nutriiveda transformation. It has helped me to draw closer to my Savior and Heavenly Father spiritually; it has helped me to stay calmer during stressful times. It has given me clarity of my emotions. Physically it has allowed me lose some weight, walk faster than before and now even start jogging. It is amazing.

Thank you to all my friends who have been there to cheer me on, light the path with your example, walk with me in dark of night both literally and figuratively. I am a better person now than I was 5 months ago and my future can only get brighter.

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