Friday, March 25, 2011

Personal Tsunamis and the Recovery

As those who are close to me know that the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that followed affected me in a very profound way. First to know a sister’s pain for not knowing where her brother was in Sendai was humbling. It made me so grateful for my blessings and the safety I have in my home in Chandler. Then to know the joy that was felt when they were informed he was safe helped me to remember that there are miracles everyday.

Then the thought that changed my mind hit! It changed my motto for everything that I do. When the people of Japan woke up that morning they didn’t love their family, friends, and countryman as much as they did 30 minutes after the Earthquake. They didn’t desire to do good in a profound way, like they do now. It isn’t just the people of Japan who changed, this change happened here after September 11, 2001, after Hurricane Katrina, and after the Tsunami in Thailand. It seems that it takes a HUGE tragedy for us to be motivated to do better. We shouldn’t have to wait for something bad to happen to want to live our dream life. We can’t be held back by our own laziness, fear, or skill level. Inside each one of is something amazing that needs to be achieved. For me it getting Thinner and as I have started to fail at this endeavor I am coming to realize that it is time to turn around and plow through the fear, the laziness, and old habits to become the person I want. It is easier said than done. I had hoped on this journey that there would be people to help, motivate, hold me accountable, or have the same desire. I forgot to see that there are many on the sidelines cheering me on and setting a great example of living a healthy life.

Then the second and more profound thought came to me about my family, and the past few years, both the good and bad. Just like the earthquake hit first in Japan. So did the problems in my 18 year marriage. There were “little tremors” that we experienced but we didn’t “shore up the house” for the big one. When the “big one” hit the first thing BOTH of us did was to make sure the kids were alright. But then without warning in my life the “tsunami” hit and everything was destroyed. And again the 1st priority is to make sure the kids are safe. But it is now time to rebuild. A new and better life for my kids. It will be different and not look the same. But it will be safe and we will all learn from the experience. For the good or the bad, this is part of my journey of change. It might have started in April of 2007, but it has made me wiser and stronger.

But just like the picture, some houses were completely destroyed, others have major damage, and others are ok. The same is true in our lives. We face challenges, some of them completely knock us to the core, others leave us shaken but able to go on, and sometimes it is us who needs to help those who are suffering.

So part of my change included getting a new car. A small car, no more the family car, just one that is functional. Buying a car for cash, no debt. It made me feel good and blessed.

I am grateful for those who are my cheerleaders, because you seem to shout louder when I am not listening. Thank you!

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