Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let the Blog Begin!

Here is what I looked like on Jan. 31st 2010. I was fat, unhealthy, tired, I couldn’t walk 5 houses down the street without getting winded. I was sad and very obese.

So I started a weight loss journey, it is a miracle and I could never have started this life-changing journey with out a great support from my friends and family. (Especially Eliisa who helped keep me accountable, by doing weekly weigh-ins, running races with me, and making sure that I remembered my goals) I also needed something to help the weight come off. I found that thru Nutriiveda by Zrii. It is a Weight Management Shake that taste awesome. (Which I didn’t believe was ever possible) It also is Gluten-Free. (I have Celiac Disease, no gluten for me)

I took part in the Nutriiveda Challenge from Zrii. It is a 12-week challenge. The Grand Prize is $5000!! It is based on % of weight loss, and % of inches lost. So for me in the 12 weeks I lost 54 pounds (which was 15.65% loss) also had lost 10.5 inches off of my hips and waist. (8.61% loss) It ended on April 24, 2010. Here is what I looked like 12 weeks later.

By May 21st, I had lost a total of 16 inches off of my waist and hips. And had lost a total of 77.2 pounds. (that is about 22%!!) I still have a long way to go. I need to loose another 166 pounds. My goal is to have lost another 100 more by October 23, 2010

I keep losing weight and now want to help anyone who wants to change his or her life for the better. (I never thought I would be the one saying this!! But so many great things have happened to me, since I have started taking Nutriiveda)

I have always been a overweight person since 2nd grade. I have even thought about getting lap-band and gastric bypass surgery. I have found that I have lost the same amount of weight as those who have had the surgery. I am enjoying my life and love the new me that I am becoming.


  1. Debbie! WOW!!!!! You go girl! I am SO proud of you and what you have accomplished! You look GREAT!!!!!!! Love you!--dar